June 2021 Award Winners

Venandi – Mark Lakatos (Hungary)
Best Horror Short

Anomaly – Michael Jeanpert (France)
Best Sci-Fi Short

The Contract Musical – Chris Cole (United States)
Best Fantasy Short

Shorebreak – Thibault Cadentem (France)
Best Thriller Short

Memories of Rain – Elizabeth Mehling (United States)
Best Experimental Short

This Old Dog – Marco Almeida (Mexico)
Best Crime / Noir Short

Mark Lakatos – Venandi (Hungary)
Best Director

Heather Perluzzo – Girl In The Galactic Sun (Canada)
Best First Time Director

Anthony J. Cook – Can’t Go Home Again (United Kingdom)
Best Screenplay

Victoria Smith – Can’t Go Home Again (United Kingdom)
Best Actress

Roberto Calvet – Anomaly (France)
Best Actor

Sammi Price – Alterify (France)
Best Supporting Actress

Etienne Baret – Anomaly (France)
Best Supporting Actor

Mikael Bozo – Anomaly (France)
Best Producer

András Gerlai – Venandi (Hungary)
Best Cinematography

Andrew Abbiw – The Awakening (United Kingdom)
Best Editor

Matt Part – Can’t Go Home Again (United Kingdom)
Best Sound Design

Chris Cole – The Contract Musical (United States)
Best Original Music

Thomas Duphil – Anomaly (France)
Best Visual Effects

Jason Ervin & Cheyenne Wright – CAW
Best Special Effects

Nick Wray – Dead Love
Best Makeup

Anna Frangiosa – The Contract Musical (United States)
Best Costume / Production Design

Ba’al Out – Derek Silver (United States)
Best Unproduced Script